5 Amazing Windows 8 Apps

Here are 5 Windows 8 Apps that we have personalized last week. Although, there are bundles of Windows 8 pre-installed applications that Microsoft has given.

However here I have talked about the ones that we have reviewed since Windows 8 Beta version has released. They are Windows 8 NEWS Feed App, Windows 8 People App, Windows 8 Music App, Windows 8 Mail App, and Windows 8 Photo App.

Lets get started over with:

Windows 8 NEWS Feed App:

Windows 8 NEWS Feed App is a NEWS application that keeps you abreast with the updated news related to Business, Design, food, Entertainment, Gaming, Humor, lifestyle, Technology, Travel and much more. Read more about Windows 8 NEWS Feed App or try it out in your Windows 8 Consumer Preview version.

Windows 8 People App:

Windows 8 People App is another amazing Windows 8 app that lets you connect your multiple social networking accounts to People App. Once connected, you can now “Like” a photo, a status, or any other update as you usually do while connected directly over the respective website. Also, you can make comments, reply a comment, retweet it. Windows 8 People App supports Facebook, Twitter, Google, Hotmail, and an Exchange. Read more about Windows 8 People App or try it out in your Windows 8 Consumer preview.

Windows 8 Music App:

Windows 8 Music App contains Spotlight, Collection, and a full-fledged music market. You can listen songs of your favorites artists including Sleigh bells, Norah Jones, Chitty Bang, Far East movement, Estelle and many more. Read more about Windows 8 Music App.

Windows 8 Photo App:

Windows 8 Photo App is an amazing in-built photo app that Microsoft has provided us in Windows 8. Not only does this Windows 8 Photo App allow you to view photos from the PC gallery but also the photos from various social networking websites such as Facebook, Skydrive, Flickr, and more. Read more about Windows 8 Photo App.

Windows 8 Email Client:

One of my favorite apps in Windows 8 is Windows 8 Mail client app. This is a built-in email client in Windows. I always used to wonder that why doesn’t Microsoft includes a built-in email client, and I am glad Microsoft finally did it. And they did quite a good job at that. You can add any POP / IMAP account, Microsoft Exchange account, or Google mail account. Read more about Windows 8 EMail Client.

And here is a bonus app: Windows 8 Video app.