Windows 8 Video App

Finally, we have a built-in video player that does not require any YouTube or Daily Motion to search and watch a video. Yes, I am talking about Windows 8 Video app that has an built-in video player to watch videos online.

Although, there are many bundled of pre-installed apps in Windows 8 such as Calendar App, Music App, Contacts App, Video App, and more. However, here, I have looked over at Windows 8 Video App.

So, let’s talk about Windows 8 Video App.

One of the exciting app in Windows 8 is “Video App”. Video app is an in-built  video player for Windows 8. You can easily browse videos from gallery and play it on your Windows 8 operating system. Video app consists features like Spotlight, Collection, Movies market place and  TV market place. It also enables you to play video’s on your XBOX.

video app

Windows 8 video app shows a HD quality video and supports multiple formats like *.WMV, *.MP4 and much more.

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How To Use This Windows 8 Video App:

  • Open the Start Menu, click on Video app to open it.

video app 1

  • To get the most advantage from Video app, you have to log in with your Microsoft account.

video app 2

  • You can view the collections from your PC, Spotlight, Movies market place and  TV market place

video app 3

  • Click on “Show More” allows your video in an A to Z format, episode by series and all movies.

video app 4

  • You can easily view the total duration time of video and also provides more video specifications like release date and much more

video app 5

  • You can even rent/buy movies from market place or else play it in XBOX.

video app 6

  • You watch trailer of movies in Movies market place and if you like the movie. then you buy/rent it or play in XBOX.

video app 7

  • You can easily toggle the watching video from full screen to a smaller version by clicking the icon below.

video app 8

  • By right clicking at the bottom will show you the pause, play, stop or replay icons.

video app 9

We are on the way of bringing Windows 8 apps to you. Stay tuned to look for other amazing personalized apps.