Windows 8 Language Translation App: iTranslate

iTranslate – translator and dictionary is a free app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 which allows you to easily convert one language to another. All you have to do is to type a string of text in the text input field, select your translate to language and then click on the translate button. Your text will now be translated to the other language. If the language that you are translating to is fully supported, you can also choose to play back the translated string of words in a voice tone via the blue speakerphone button. The app also allows you to mark certain translations as favorites, and you can then view these favorites from the History and Favorites section by clicking on the button corresponding to the same in the control bar of the app.

iTranslate – translator and dictionary can be installed from the Windows App Store for free.

iTranslate Translated Text

Features of iTranslate – translator and dictionary for Windows 8:

When you run iTranslate – translator and dictionary on your device, you will be greeted with the main screen of the app where you will be able to input text that you want to translate to another language on the left. The main screen of the app looks like the below screenshot.

iTranslate Main Screen

In the above screen, you can choose to change both the language in which you are inputting text as well as the language in which you want to translate the text. If you are an English user, it’s best to set the input language to either UK or US English and then choose the language that you wish to translate to. The default from and to language are English and Spanish respectively, and you can change these by clicking on flags in front of which the languages are written. You’ll then be presented with the language change screen.

iTranslate Language Selection

Once you have clicked on the desired language, simply click on the back arrow button at the top left, and you’ll be taken to the main screen again. You can then type the text in the text input field and then you can translate the text by clicking on the Translate button.

iTranslate Translated Text

You can now mark the translation as a favorite by clicking on the corresponding option in the control bar of the app. You can also choose to view the History & Favorites by the button at the center of the control bar at the bottom.

iTranslate History And Favorites

You can see all the history and the favorites in the above screen. To sum it all up, this is a pretty well designed language translation app which supports so many languages that you will not be disappointed at all. With this, I wind up the main features of this app! You can also check out the Translator++ and the SpeechTrans Translator translation apps for Windows 8.

The verdict:

iTranslate – translator and dictionary is a free app that allows you to translate text into the language of your choice. You may find this app very handy when you are traveling across cities or if you are travelling abroad, and hence this app may come incredibly useful for you! The minimalist and clean take on the app makes it all the more worthy of attention.

Get iTranslate – translator and dictionary.