Cookbook for Kids: Free Windows 8 Recipe Book App for Kids

Cookbook for Kids is a free recipe book app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 which contains recipes that kids will love. In the app, you will be able to access a lot of recipes which are sorted according to categories to which they belong. When you click on the tile of any one recipe, you will be able to see the detailed recipe where you can see all the ingredients and the details about how to make the recipe. The recipe screen is minimalistic to say the least, and also has the options which allow you to pin the recipe tile to the Start Screen of the app. Once the recipe has been pinned to the Start screen of the app, you can access the recipe by clicking on its tile. All the recipes in the app are focused towards the kids, and all of these will be loved by kids. Some of these are so simple that they can even be made by kids.

Cookbook for Kids is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Cookbook for Kids main screen

Main features of Cookbook for Kids for Windows 8:

When you fire up the app post installation, you will be presented with its main screen wherein you will be shown all the recipe tiles sorted according to category. You can see this interface in the above screenshot.

To open a recipe, all you’ve got to do is to click on the tile of a recipe. When you do so, you will be presented with the detailed recipe screen where you can see all the fine details like the ingredients required, the method of preparation etc. The one thing that the app lacks is pictures of the finished recipe, and hence it may become difficult for you to understand how the final recipe turns out.

Cookbook for Kids recipe screen

In the main recipe screen, you will be able to see the difficulty level at the left side of the screen, and you will be able to see the ingredients needed, directions etc. towards the right side of the screen. You can click on the back arrow button at the top left corner of the screen at any point of time to go back to the main screen of the app. You can also pin the recipe to the Start- screen of your system via the Pin button at the bottom left of the screen. Once you click on it, you will be able to select the tile and you can also see the preview of how the pinned recipe will look like on the Start Screen. You can see the Pin button pressed and the popup menu open in the screenshot below.

Cookbook for Kids Pin to Start

This basically wraps up the main features of the Cookbook for Kids app for Windows 8. You can also check out the Cookie Recipes and the Videorecipes for Windows 8.


Cookbook for Kids is a great free app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices which allows you to create fantastic recipes for your kids. The app’s large collection of recipes makes it pretty good for parties, etc. The app scores points for its minimalist design, but loses for not having pictures accompanying the recipes.

So overall, I’ll rate this app a 3.5 out of 5!

Get Cookbook for Kids.