Free Cooking App For Windows 8: .NET Gurus Can Cook!

.NET Gurus Can Cook! is a free cooking app for Windows 8. The app consists of a ton of recipes in a cook book format in which you can flip the pages of the book by swiping from right to left to go to next page or by swiping from left to right to return to the previous page. The app also has a fully featured control bar which allows you to skip to certain sections like Sides, Main Course etc. via simple clicks on icons corresponding to the same. The app has a very small size, and the design of the app is very neat. There is a cool page flip effect when you change the page, and you can also zoom into a page by double clicking on an area on the page.

.NET Gurus Can Cook! is available for free from the App Store.

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Control Bar To Jump To Section

Main features of .NET Gurus Can Cook! for Windows 8:

When you run the .NET Gurus Can Cook! app on your Windows 8 device, you will straight off be presented with the main screen of the app. As soon as the app launches, you will see a book like interface where you can flip the pages to read the recipes.

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Main Screen

To flip a page, all you got to do is to swipe from the right side of the screen to the left to go to the next page. To go to the previous page, just perform the opposite gesture, i.e., swipe from left to the right. The page flipping has a nice book like effect to it and it seems as if you are flipping the page of a real book.

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Page Flip

The control bar of the app allows you to jump to any particular section that you wish to read, and can be accessed at any point of time by simply right clicking on the screen. The control bar flies in from the top edge of the screen in the app.

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Control Bar To Jump To Section

Suppose I click on the Main Course button, I will jump straight to the main course section. Similarly, you can click on other links to jump to other sections as well!

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Jumped To Main Course

The app also allows you to zoom in to a section of the recipe that you are viewing by double clicking. When the recipe is zoomed in, you can scroll using the scroll bars that appear at the left and at the bottom of the screen. Zooming is a useful feature for people who might have short sight!

.NET Gurus Can Cook! Zoomed In

To cut the long story short, the app is amazingly well designed and has all the recipes to please and appease to the taste buds of people all across the world. I love the app, and hope that you will as well!

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The verdict:

.NET Gurus Can Cook! is a great free app that offers a cookbook like interface with pages that actually flip like a real book. The collection of recipes is massive, and all the recipes are sure to tickle your taste buds like nothing that you’ve ever seen before!

I rate the app 4 out of 5.

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