Windows 8 Game App: Space Invaders Win8

Space Invaders Win8 is a free Windows 8 game app. Play the classic arcade Space Invaders game now on Windows 8.

Space Invaders Win8 is available in the games category of Windows Store. In Space Invaders the space ghosts want to take control of the planet Earth and now it’s your turn to stop them. Shoot the Space Invaders before they reach the gates and save the planet Earth. The download size of the game is just 3MB.

space invaders

Game Play of Space Invaders Windows 8 Game App:

Space Invaders Win8 app is a remake of the old classic Space Invaders game. In Space Invaders Win8, you will have a shooting space ship (which looks like a small tank actually). You have to shoot the invaders approaching the Earth before they reach the surface. The whole game is set in a retro style but it’s an all time favorite for gamers. So, try it out and have fun.

The game home page screen looks like shown above. The space ship pictures are shown and their points are also indicated beside them. The red invader is a bonus guy and he flies in the air just for once from one end to another. You have to shoot him and the earlier you shoot, the more points you get. The rest of the invaders approach the Earth step by step and are arranged in form of lines. They will be moving randomly in lines and as they approach, their speed increases.

windows 8 game

As you can see in the above picture, it will be tough to shoot them before they reach you. On top of it they will shoot bullets randomly and you have to dodge them by hiding behind those green walls. The bullets can pierce those walls too. You can be hit by those bullets three times only. So, shoot down the enemies before they reach the Earth or else the game ends.

Controls of Space Invaders:

The controls of Space Invaders are very easy:

  • Use right and left arrow keys to move your space ship.
  • Use up arrow to shoot the enemies.
  • Use right click on the mouse to pause the game.

Features of Windows 8 Game App:

Below mentioned are the features of Windows 8 game app:

  • Space Invaders Win8 game is free.
  • Shoot those space invaders to save the planet Earth.
  • You can view all the scores by right clicking on the app.
  • The scores and records are displayed on home screen of app.

windows 8 space invaders

Install Space Invaders Win8 on Windows 8:

Open this Windows Store Webpage link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. Click the View Windows Store option and install the game app easily from the Store app.

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