KEXP Artist Discovery: Free Music App for Windows 8

KEXP Artist Discovery is a free music app for Windows 8. You can find your favorite artists at one place and you can listen to live broadcasts from KEXP.

KEXP Artist Discovery is a well designed music app; where you can listen to various artists. You can also view videos on studio performances and view artist’s photography. You can also find the details of upcoming bands and listen to their songs. KEXP uses your internet connection to play the artist’s music and videos.

kexp artists discovery windows 8

KEXP Artists Discovery Windows 8 Music App:

KEXP is originally a FM radio station started in 1971; located in Seattle. KEXP specializes in indie rock and alternative music genres. Now KEXP is available for Windows 8 too in the form of music app. Listen to new bands and songs by various artists using KEXP. Let’s view more details about this app.

The heavy interface of the app is shown in the above screenshot. You can view almost every information in the main page of the app itself. You just need to scroll along the app to find various sections.

  • First you will see On the Air Now section; the song that is being played on AIR by KEXP is displayed. You can press the play button to play the song.
  • Second you will see Streaming Show Archive. This section shows On demand shows. You can click on them and play them.
  • Then you can see Live video performances section. You can play videos in this section.
    kexp video
  • Then comes the Live Audio performances; in which you can listen to the artists songs and view other artists also.
    kexp audio performances
  • Explore other artists section; which is also included in the ending of this app; to view the artists and their performances.

If you want to pin any artists to start screen or bookmark any artists, then right click after playing a song, you will get those options below. You will also see the play back options beside them.

Features of KEXP Discover Artists:

KEXP Discover Artists features are listed below:

  • This music app for Windows 8 is free.
  • The app updates new music everyday.
  • You can browse and choose many artists.
  • You can listen to KEXP LIVE broadcast.
  • You can listen to archived shows.
  • You can use the app in snap mode also.

kexp snap mode

Install KEXP Discover Artists on Windows 8:

Open the KEXP Discover Artists Windows Store page by clicking here. Now click on view app option and then install it.

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