Flash Cards: Free Windows 8 Education App to Learn Math

Flash Cards is a free Windows 8 education app; which is a Math based game. Learn to solve: addition, multiplication, division, and multiplication in a faster way.

Flash cards is an educational game app. You have to face a series of questions and input the answers; to score high. You have to solve Math problems with accuracy and you can check your scores in the ending. You can customize your own test also. The download size of the app is very less and no need of any internet connection.

flash cards game

Flash Cards To Learn Math:

Flash cards is a recreational app in which you can play with Math questions for fun. This app is useful for kids to learn math; while enjoying. The app will shoot random Math questions and you have to input the answers. But all the multiplication and division questions are based on tables between 1 to 12. Let’s find more details about this app.

The main page of the app has all the features in it. It is divided in to two sections: available quizzes and my scores.

Available Quizzes:

In available quizzes we have:

  • Addition: In addition, you will be asked to solve simple one step math, addition problems. You just have to input the answer.
  • Subtraction: In this section also, simple subtraction problems will be asked.
  • Multiplication: In multiplications the questions are based on tables between 1 and 12 only.
  • Division: In division the questions can be bigger but simple questions.
  • Multiple Questions: In multiple questions you will be asked random questions on: Division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition; in any order.
  • Custom Quiz: In custom quiz, you can create your own quiz pattern and the app will generate question for you.


My Scores:

In my scores you can view all the best scores and best timings in each section.

In the game interface, you will be shown question (as shown in below screenshot). You have to type the numbers on your keyboard or click on numbers indicated beside the question. Automatically the app will detect your answer and will proceed to next question. If you input a wrong answer, then the app will just highlight it in red color and you have to input correct answer to proceed.

flash cards

Features of Flash Cards Windows 8 Education App:

Flash Cards app features are listed below:

  • Flash Cards is a free app.
  • Play basic Math games at smaller level.
  • The app includes: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
  • Create your own quiz mode.
  • Play Math games in snap mode also.

flash cards windows 8

How To Install Flash Cards On Windows 8:

Flash cards is categorized in to Education section of Windows Store. Open this web page on Internet Explorer of Windows 8 and choose the view option to open the app in Windows Store app. From there you can download the app.

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