Windows 8 Diary App: Digital Diary

Digital Diary is a free Windows 8 Diary app. Use this all in one diary app in which you can: write, store images, record, and plan an event.

Digital Diary is available in tools category of Windows Store. This app is password protected, so feel free to write in whatever you want and you can do voice recording also. You can store your favorite images and plan an event also. The download size is just 2MB.

digital diary

About Digital Diary:

Digital Diary is a well designed Windows 8 diary app. You can do many things using this single app and you can lock it with a password. So, let’s find out what all features this app has got in it.

The above screen shot is how the Digital Diary app interface looks like. You just have to input a new password and re-enter to confirm it. Then again you will be asked to enter the password, then the preview of the app looks like shown below. You will see a calendar which you can view upcoming dates and previous dates also.

digital diary calendar

Click on the day you want and you will see various sections like: page, narration, images, and event. Let’s see the description of these sections in detail:

  • Page: In page, you can write in your diary entry you want and click on the save button to save the notes that you have entered.
    digital diary notes
  • Narration: In narration, you can record whatever you want and store it in the app. This app has inbuilt record, pause, and stop buttons.
  • Images: In images you can store your images in this diary app. You can browse through your Windows 8 device files and store the images.
  • Event: In event section, you can schedule events and store them in the app.

The homepage of the app has option to change password and look for help. You can also change the password whenever you want to.

Features of Windows 8 Diary App:

Below are the features of Windows 8 diary app:

  • This Digital Diary app is free.
  • Password protection is available for the app.
  • You can use a calendar in the app.
  • Write today’s entry in a page.
  • Record your narration and plan events in the app.
  • You can store images also in this app.

digital diary app

Install Digital Diary on Windows 8:

Digital Diary can be installed on your Windows 8 device by opening this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. The app opens itself in Windows Store and you can install it.

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