Epicurious: Free Windows 8 Recipes App

Epicurious is a great Windows 8 recipes app. Find all kinds of recipes and for all occasions; in this single app.

Epicurious is an interesting Windows 8 recipes app. You can find all recipes starting from breakfast to cocktails and all of them are described in a well manners understandable way. All the recipes are categorized accordingly and displayed in the home page itself. This app also needs internet connection for uploading new recipes in to the app.


Epicurious App For Windows 8:

Epicurious is a feed from the website epicurious.com. Search for more than 30,000 professionally prepared recipes using this app. You can mark your favorite recipes and share them with your friends. Let’s know more about it’s features in the following review.

The home page of the Epicurious looks as beautiful as shown in above image.

  • The first section shows the recipe of the day.
  • The second section shows more recipes.
  • The third section shows all the recipe categories. you can view up to 26 categories.
  • The fourth section shows the previously viewed recipes.
  • The lasts section shows the recipes that you have marked as favorites.

epicurious app

Click on the section you want and then choose the recipe you want. You will see a beautiful picture of dish and beside it the ingredients (as shown below). You can also view the preparation overview, method, and reviews. Right click on the app and you can mark the dish as your favorite. All these favorite marked dishes will be shown in the favorites section of the home page of the app. Use the search option provided at the top right to search for dishes you like.

epicurious recipes app

Features of Windows 8 Recipes App:

The features of the Epicurious app are as mentioned below:

  • This Windows 8 recipes app is free.
  • Get the latest healthy recipes on this app. The app will automatically update the recipes using your internet connection.
  • Use the search option on the top right to search for dishes.
  • Mark your favorite dishes as favorite and view them in the favorite menu.
  • The snap mode of the Epicurious app is shown below.

epicurious snap mode

Installing Epicurious on Windows 8:

Open Epicurious Windows Store page in Internet Explorer of your Windows 8 device. Use the view option to open the app page in Windows store app and install the Epicurious app.

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