Windows 8 Educational App For Kids To Learn Spellings

Endless Alphabet is a free Windows 8 Educational App that help small kids learn spellings in a fun way. The app has a collection of different words that gets displayed as interactive puzzles. Each word appears as a series of talking letters followed by an animation that provides an idea of its definition.

Endless Alphabet is a good Windows 8 educational app for kids. There’s no time limit or stress involved, and the interactive animation and narration makes the entire learning process more engaging; be it after the word formation, or within the letters while making the words.

Endless Alphabet is freely available in the Education category of the Windows Store.

Endless Alphabet

Using this Windows 8 Educational app

The app uses an animation when it starts, which creates a sense of curiosity among the kids. The best thing about the app is its animations, and the narration it provides for each of the word appearing here. Wait sometime for the introductory animation to stop, and you will be shown all the alphabets. If you click on any of the letter, the words corresponding to that particular letter will be shown in the mouth of the monster. You can also browse through all the words that are available here, by merely dragging the words.

Endless Alphabet- Alphabet Selection

Choose the appropriate word you want your kids to learn about. The word will be shown on the next screen. Now starts the learning experience.

  • Firstly, the app’s narrator will narrate the word to you.
  • The letters of the word will then be jumbled.
  • You have to place the letters on their proper place. While placing the letters, there will be animation in the letters as well, and as you place them, the app will also narrate the letters. The good thing about the app’s narrator is that it will give the exact pronunciation of the letter with respect to entire word. At anytime, you can click on the Word button that is given on the upper left side of the app’s interface, and the narrator of the app will narrate the word and will also give you the definition of the word.
  • As you complete the word, the letters will again pronounce the whole word as a chorus. After that, the narrator will also narrate the meaning of the word. After that, some adorable monsters will appear and present an animation, after watching which the meaning of the word will become more clear.

Endless Alphabet- Animation

All the animations that are used in the app, along with the awesome narration, makes it an awesome app which provides an engaging learning experience for the kids.

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Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Educational App

  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • The app uses great animations to provide a learning experience.
  • Availability of  a narrator that narrates everything from letters to words to the definitions.
  • The app will help the kids to build up vocabulary.

My Verdict

According to my experience with the app, I would like to say that this Windows 8 Educational app provides a good learning experience. Try it, and I am sure it will turn out to be greatly useful to your kids.

Get Endless Alphabet here.