Password Management in Windows 8

Microsoft is planning to adopt extremely safe and secure approach to Password Management in Windows 8. Any one would be bugged when it comes to remembering a large number of different passwords. The situation becomes more frustrating when every website has a different rule for entering passwords.

For example, some websites need only alphanumeric passwords, others need a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters with one or more special characters and some others want a minimum of 8 characters and so on. These rules require you to create a different password for each website (that need you to login). In their latest operating system i.e. Windows 8, Microsoft has eliminated the problem of multiple passwords with “password storage and syncing”.

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A user will log into Windows 8 with his/her Windows Live ID. This is an innovative Windows 8 password feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8. After the user is successfully logged in, Windows 8 will fetch and synchronize passwords that the user might have stored and saved for various websites onto that computer. This Windows 8 password feature will clearly eliminate the need for the user to remember a large number of passwords.

User can use the internet explorer 10 to set unique and complex passwords for various websites. Once the passwords are stored, internet explorer 10 will fetch the stored passwords whenever needed. The user need not to remember them. At any point of time, if the user want to see his/her passwords, he/she can use the credential manager tool provided by Windows 8 to view saved passwords.