Windows 8 Language Pack

Microsoft released the developer’s preview of  Windows 8 a long time ago but still it is officially available with one Windows 8 language pack, i.e. English. However, I am going to reveal a very good option that would turn the Windows 8 developer’s preview from monolingual to multilingual.

A non-Microsoft group of people came up with an unofficial language pack that would allow the users to use developer’s preview of  Windows 8 in many languages. The language pack is available for both 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of Windows 8 developer’s preview. It is a big sign of relief for those people who were dying to test the developer’s preview of Windows 8 but they were not able to do so just because of the language restriction.

You can download language pack for developer’s preview of Windows 8 from here.

First you need to download the “My WDP universal language installer tool” from the given link. Then, install the win8lng with this tool and then reboot the system.

There is no official language pack for popular languages like french, Spanish etc and there is a large community of people throughout the world who rely only on one or more of these languages. So, there is a great disappointment among those people who cannot understand English because they are not able to use the developer’s preview of Windows 8. They are still waiting for the release of Windows 8 beta version that would have Windows 8 language pack for almost all languages of the world.

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