Windows 8 Search Bar Feature

Unlike previous Microsoft Windows, Windows 8 comes up with its new Windows Search Bar Feature. In Windows 8, the user can perform 3 types of searches using the Windows search barApps search, Settings search & File search.

Search feature of Windows is one of the best features that makes searching content in computer as well as on the internet very convenient. If we look at the history, Microsoft kept on enhancing and expanding this feature with every release of Windows and Windows 8 is not an exception to this trend.

In this article I am going to throw light on difference between these 3 types of searches and how the users can use each of them to suit their needs.

Apps search

This type of Windows 8 search bar is used to search for Windows 8 apps and it is the default type of search which means that the user can start typing the name of the Windows 8 app to be searched at the Metro UI screen and search Apps screen will be displayed. The search is based on most frequently used algorithm, i.e. the apps which are used most frequently will be placed upper in the list.

clip_image002Settings Search

This type of Windows 8 search bar is used to search for various settings in the system. A setting can be searched not only by name but also by keywords that describe that particular setting. The shortcut key for settings search is Windows Key + W.

clip_image004Files Search

This type of Windows search bar is used to search files in Windows 8 computer. Shortcut key for file search in Windows 8 is Windows Key + F.

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