Microsoft To Extend Windows 8 Developer Preview Expiry Date

In their recent post, Microsoft has made an announcement about Windows 8 Developer Preview expiry date and Windows 8 Server Developer Preview expiry date. The available update says that Microsoft has extended its expiry date to January 15, 2013.

Once the users have installed the updates, they will be able to access Windows 8 Developer Preview for a complete one year.

Windows 8 Developer Preview was made available a couple of months ago by Microsoft. The all new Microsoft’s operating system has been downloaded by millions across the globe. However, most of the people did not notice that it was scheduled to expire on March 11, 2012. Also, the Windows 8 Server Developer Preview version was supposed to expire on April 8, 2012. But, not anymore as Microsoft has stealthily released an update for both the Windows 8 Developer builds. Now you have more time play around and to explore Windows 8 in-depth.

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The Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is scheduled to launch on Feb 29, 2012 can be used and explored for more time.


According to post by Microsoft, as soon as Windows 8 Developer Preview versions reaches its expiry date, it will send you messages saying your Windows will restart in every one hour until you enter a new product activation key. Also, the initial 14 days the expiration date, it will send you a notification on the Windows 8 desktop and in the Security section of Action Center:

“This pre-release version of Windows will expire soon. Go to Windows Activation to purchase and install a released version of Windows.”

You can read the entire post by Microsoft to get a detailed information.

Currently, it is completely blurred as to why Microsoft planned to postpone the expiration date of Windows 8 Developer Preview version for a complete year, and that too when the company is about to release the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on coming Feb 29.