Install Mozilla Firefox in Windows 8

The Mozilla development foundation has finally released Firefox for Windows 8. Installing Firefox in Windows 8 is as effortless as it is to install in any other Windows such as Windows 7, Windows XP, and more.

Firefox in Windows 8 is a full screen app, like all other Windows 8 apps, has been placed and connected to the rest of the Windows 8 apps like this:

Firefox in Windows 8

The best part is that in Windows 8, you can drag the installed Firefox browser, and locate it with rest of the Windows 8 apps. Take a look over the below given screen-shot —


How To Download and Install Mozilla Firefox Browser In Windows 8:

  • Go onto the link given.
  • Click on “Firefox Free Download”
  • Click on the downloaded Firefox setup
  • The Firefox browser will get installed as you proceed up with on-screen instructions

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Yup..there you are. Here is you favorite browser. With this Firefox in Windows 8, you will be able to access any Web page. It’s extremely safe browser. Go ahead and get your Firefox in Windows 8 now..!