Google Chrome Browser In Windows 8

Google Chrome Browser is the fastest web-browser that lets you effortlessly add another window or tab, which gives you extra control over web. Its been serving us for quite a long time and now its time for Windows 8 to get a Chrome Browser.

Installing Google Chrome Browser in Windows 8 Consumer Preview is as simple as it is to install in any other browser. The only difference you will see is with its location.

Once installed, the Chrome browser will get located in Windows 8 applications window like this:


Also, you can drag the installed Google Chrome browser and shift it with other Windows 8 applications. Look over the below screen-shot —


How To Download and Install Google Chrome Browser in Windows 8 —

  • Click on the link to download Chrome.
  • Click on “Download Google Chrome”
  • Click on the Downloaded Chrome Setup
  • Chrome will automatically get installed as you follow-up with on-screen instructions.

Yupp..there you are. Start accessing Chrome.

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Google chrome Browser is one of the best web browsers I have come across. Be it Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows 8, Chrome is a must to install.