Windows Live Writer In Windows 8

With Windows 8 Consumer Preview, that has finally been installed in my PC, I am ready to try every single software on Microsoft’s all new operating system. Now, when I finally decided to try every software, I started up with blog-publishing software, Windows Live Writer. Well, that’s what I use for posting my blogs everyday. This free blog-publishing software makes your content richer by providing excellent input interface for images, texts, hyper-linking, or other formatting.

Installing Windows Live Writer in Windows 8 is very much similar to installing it in Windows 7. The only difference is that once you have installed this blog-posting software in Windows 8, it will be shown in Windows 8 application window. Take a look over the screen-shot —


Windows 8 allows you to drag an installed software and shift it with all other applications like this:


How To Download and Install Windows Live Writer in Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

  • Click on given link, Download.
  • Click on “Download Now” given at the top right-side.
  • Click on the downloaded setup
  • It will install Windows Live Writer as you proceed with the on-screen instructions.

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Although, the setup is exactly the same as we configure it on other operating system. However, you can still take a look over Live Writer Set-up instructions.