Gadwin PrintScreen In Windows 8

Gadwin PrintScreen is a one click screen shot capturing software that lets you capture the content including text or images displayed over your desktop screen.

Installing Gadwin PrintScreen in Windows 8 is as easy as it is to install in any other Windows such as Windows XP, or Windows 7. Gadwin PrintScreen in Windows 8 is a full screen application, like all other apps in Windows 8, is located with rest of the Windows 8 Apps. Take a look over the screen shot below”:

PrintScreen Windows 8

The amazing part about Gadwin PrintScreen app in Windows 8 is that you can drag and shift the installed Gadwin PrintScreen tool with other Windows 8 app, thereby using it as a Windows 8 app like this:

PrintScreen in Windows 8

How To Download and Install Gadwin PrintScreen In Windows 8:

  • Go onto the given link.
  • As you scroll down, you will find a box with the heading “Gadwin PrintScreen”.
  • Click on “Download Now” option given inside the same box. Take a look:

Windows8 PrintScreen

  • Click on the downloaded setup in order to run the program
  • The PrintScreen Tool will soon get installed in your new Windows 8 operating system as you proceed further with the on-screen instructions.
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Yup..there you are. Start capturing screen of your all new beautiful Windows 8. Go ahead and download Gadwin PrintScreen in Windows 8 today..!