Browse Through Photos Using This Windows 8 Photo App

Picfinity is a free Windows 8 Photo App. Using this app, you can browse through a number of photos available from You can view these photos in fullscreen mode, can comment on the photos, can add likes, mark them as favorites, and can view them as slide show. Along with that, you also get the capability to share them.


If you create an account on, you can organize photos according to your tastes, and preferences. Along with that, you can upload your own photos through your account.

Picfinity is freely available in  the Photo category of the Windows Store.

Using this free Windows 8 Photo app:

As you land into the app, the photos will be available there according to dates, popularity, Editor’s choice, etc. Now, this distribution is same for all the categories that you select from the drop down that is available near the Login option, that is present in the upper right part of the app. According to the category you choose from there, the photos will change.

Picfinity- categoryAs you view any of the photo that is available here, it will open up in full screen. With every photo, there a number of options available in Picfinity, that you can use. These options can be availed from the bottom flyout of the app. For that you have to right click anywhere on the interface after opening up the photo. Let me give you a brief detail about the options that are available from there.


You can get details like the date of the photo, the details of the device used to take the shot, and several other similar kind of sttuff using this option.

Picfinity- Details Comment

Along with that, there is another option called comment, using which you can see the people’s comments on the photo. You even can add your comment, once you have logged into the app, using your account.

Picfinity Comment

Slide show

Along with that, you can view a slide show of the photos that are available from here.

In addition to all these options that are available from this Windows 8 Photo app, you also have the capability to add the photos available here as our favorites, and you can also like photos that are available through the app. For that, you need to register on

Picfinity also gives the option to share what you are viewing. For that, you can use the Windows 8 Share Charm.

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Key Features of Picfinity

  • It is freely available.
  • The interface of the app is quite nice.
  • It gives the facility to comment, add to favorites, and to like the photos that are available here.
  • You can share what you see using the Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Working of the app is quite easy to understand.

My Verdict

Picfinity is a good Windows 8 Photo app. It gives the user the ability to browse through the photos in a more efficient manner by filtering the results. It provides full screen view of the photos that are available here, and because of these reasons Picfinity deserves a try.

Get Picfinity here