Windows 8 Entertainment App: getgloo

getgloo is a Windows 8 Entertainment App. The app will provide you with the information on your favorite TV Series, Movies, Music Bands, Gaming, and Books. There is also an option to create a profile where you can follow something of importance to you from the above mentioned categories. You can also watch trailers from your favorite TV shows and movies.


getgloo is freely available in the social category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Entertainment App

As you get to the app, the app will show you a list of TV show  series. Using the upper flyout, you can switch to the other categories, namely, Movies, Books, Music Bands, and the Gaming category.

getgloo- categories

For any of the category that is available in the upper flyout, when you get to a particular item that is included on the main screen, you shall be provided with the detail about that item. In the detail, you would be provided with good amount of textual description about that item, the comments given by other users of the app, that are currently viewing that item, and also with trailers for movies and series.

getgloo- detail

Use the play button in order to see the trailers from the movies and TVshow series that are available here.

Now, the app also provide you with the ability to make your profile. For that, you can use the option to check into the app on it where you can follow your favorite TV shows, movies, music bands, and other stuff. From there you can see what your friends are viewing, what’s latest with that TV show you watch.

getgloo- check inYou can create your profile here, directly from your Facebook profile, or can use your Email ID from any other account, and can use the abilities that are available here.

After you sign up/ make your account here, firstly you would be asked to choose some categories, the updates for which will appear on your profile. Next time, when you use the check in option of the app, you would be provide with the updates. You can customize from here, the updates from which Show, movie, Game, or books you want to appear on the app.

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My Verdict on getgloo

According to me, getgloo is a nice Windows 8 Entertainment app which gives you the ability to follow your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and other stuff. You can register freely in the app to follow the stuff available through the app, and can know the latest happenings that are taking place here. All in all, getgloo deserves a try. Do share your experience with us.

Get getgloo here