Windows 8 Reddit Client App: Reddit Filmstrip

Reddit Filmstrip is a free Windows 8 Reddit client app. You can use it to view through the various posts from You even can add categories according to your need, and after that you will receiveĀ posts from that particular category. You can also read through the comments made by any user on any post that appears here. Even, there is an option to share the posts over the Internet using the Windows 8 Share Charm. There are also capability to save the posts on your local storage. You can get to a particular post from the film that appears using the option available for it in the app.

Reddit Filmstrip

Reddit Filmstrip is freely available in the Entertainment category of the Windows Store.

Using this free Windows 8 Reddit Client App

As you land into the app, a random post will open up in front of you . You can use the Reddit button that is available on the top left corner of the app to get to the main menu.

As you get to the main menu of the app, a number of categories shall be available to you at the front screen. Along with these categories that are available here by default, you can add new categories to the main menu. You can get the related posts as you click any particular category.

Reddit Filmstrip- Post

For any post that appear here, the caption for it would be displayed at the bottom on the left side. You can browse through all the posts that are available for any category, either by using the arrows that are available on the left and right side of the posts, or can browse through the posts by using the scroll button of your mouse.

For any of the posts that appear here, we are provided with some capabilities like saving, and sharing them. Let me explain about these to you:


To save any particular post to your local storage, you can use the option for it available on the upper left side of the interface. The option has a disk icon.

Reddit Filmstrip- options availableAs you click on it, the option to save that post will appear. As you save the post, it will be saved as a JPG file in your picture library.


Along with that, the option to share that post over the Internet, is also available.

Reddit Filmstrip- ShareOn this options bar, there is also the option to view the comments that the users have made. As you use this option, all the comments will be shown to you as a list.

Reddit Filmstrip- CommentsAlso checkĀ Redditting

Key Features of Reddit Filmstrip

  • It is available for free in the Windows Store.
  • You can browse through the posts from, very easily.
  • You can share or save any of the posts available here.
  • View the comments made on a particular post.
  • This Windows 8 Reddit Client app works quite smoothly.

My Verdict

Reddit Filmstrip works nicely up to the level of viewing the posts that are available on the Reddit. There is, however, no option to post, or comment here. Otherwise, it is a nice app. Try it, and share your experience with us.

Get Reddit Filmstrip here