Play This Windows 8 Shooting Game

Ballochet is a free Windows 8 Shooting game app. Here, your main aim is to hit the target by the balls that are given to you. To make the game even more interesting, there will be a number of hindrances, and obstacles present in between you and the target. The game has 25 levels to play, which have gradually increasing difficulty level.

Scores in this game are given to you based on where you hit and how much time you take to hit. Ballochet is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.


Playing this Windows 8 Shooting Game:

As you get to the main landing page of the game, you would be given the options to begin the game. In the begining of the game, instructions are given to you.

In the game, a cannon will be given to you. Using it, you have to project the balls, and have to hit the target that is given. You would be provided with 5 balls. As you start, one ball would be loaded into the cannon. In order to launch the ball using the cannon, you have to take the mouse cursor on the ball that can be seen through the cannon.

Ballochet- Game play

Just drag it backwards, and a line will appear on the backside of the cannon. As you let go off the mouse button, the ball would be launched. In the game play, a number of obstacles like blocks, are present. You have to clear your way, and hit the target. After you have launched a ball, a timer will start on the top left corner of the interface. Till it reaches the end point, your ball will continue trying to hit the target. According to the time you take, and the point where you hit, points will be awarded to you.

As you progress, and clear the levels that are available to you, new levels will be enabled (having a greater difficulty level than the previous ones).

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Key Features of Ballochet

  • This shooting game is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • This Windows 8 shooting game has relatively easy controls.
  • The interface of the app is quite nice.
  • The game has 25 levels to play.
  • The levels have gradually increasing difficulty level, which will engage you even more while playing.

My final Verdict on Ballochet

To conclude it all, I would like to say that, this game is quite nice. It has 25 levels to play. The difficulty level of the game play gradually increases as you progress, and clear the levels, which will engage you even more into the game. Do try it out for sure, and share your experience with us.

Get Ballochet here