4 Best Windows 8 Posts Selected From The Last Week’s Reviewed Ones

Here are 4 best Windows 8 posts selected from the last week’s reviewed ones. If you are a regular reader then you must be aware about the fact that we have been providing almost all the possible info about Windows 8, starting from how to open, how to access its features, how to install apps, how to use charm’s bar, to how to shut down, just single everything thing.

Also, every week we comes up with best Windows 8 selected from the last week’s reviewed ones. This time again I am back with the same. However, before we jump down directly to the details, let me quickly summarize the four best Windows 8 posts — How To Prevent Files Opening in Metro Interface, Restore Files in Windows 8, Disable Windows 8 Store, Evernote App in Windows 8.

Lets start with:

How To Prevent Files Opening in Metro Interface

Opening in Metro Interface

You might have noticed that when you double-click on a video file, a picture file or an audio file, it gets opened back to the metro app. It means that the by-default feature in Windows 8 opens all the audio files, video files, and image files in metro apps. However, to avoid opening files in Windows 8 Metro Interface, follow this short tutorial. Read the tutorial here.

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Restore Files In Windows 8


It’s a software to create a back up of files in Windows 8. It allows you to view and delete specific files from system restore point. It is a very handy tool to vacant space on your system’s hard drive with out clearing the system restore points. The software shows the availability of restore points to delete and mount. Read the entire post here.

How To Disable Windows 8 Store


I found this tutorial very interesting as this allowed me to disable Windows 8 store. Although, no one would ever want to disable the amazing Windows store until or unless there are some unavoidable reasons like when you are testing the new OS in a business environment. Read the entire post on how to disable Windows 8 Store.

Evernote App For Windows 8


The very popular note-taking app works absolutely well in Windows 8. The excellent part is that Windows 8 Evernote app syncs with your personal Evernote account, thereby syncing the content between other devices including Smartphone, Tablet, Windows 8 device, and the Web. This in-turn lets you find the noted text from anywhere and at any time. Read the entire post here.