Change Windows 8 Wallpaper Automatically

PictureThrill is a desktop wallpaper changer that lets you change Windows 8 wallpaper every now and then. Yupp…it downloads pictures from bundle of websites that provides beautiful wallpapers, thereby letting you to select one as your desktop’s wallpaper. Well…you can enjoy new wallpapers everyday and keep your Windows 8 desktop fresh as always.

Although, Windows 8 already has so many amazing wallpapers that you can change everyday, however, a day comes when we actually get bored with rotating the same wallpaper. Hence, to overcome such repetition, you must download this software as it brings you new pictures everyday to set as wallpaper. The good part is that it is quick and easy to change a wallpaper.

In addition, the software facilitates you with advanced option to download wallpapers automatically or set as manual download providing pictures from various websites.

Lets point down the name of the websites:

Installing PictureThrill in Windows 8 is very much similar to how we do it in other Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and more. But, before I jump down to the installation part, let me quickly jot-down the main features of this Windows 8 wallpaper changer.

Features of Software to change Windows 8 Wallpaper Automatically:

  • Lets you easily change wallpaper everyday.
  • Wallpapers are listed vertically to select one as a desktop wallpaper.
  • Lets you select a website from where you want to download wallpapers.
  • Option to let the software download wallpapers automatically or you download it manually.
  • Lets you set every new downloaded picture as your desktop wallpaper.
  • High resolution images are available.
  • Simple and easy-to-access interface
  • Its Free!


How to Download PictureThrill Software To Change Windows 8 Wallpaper Everyday:

  1. Go onto the give link.
  2. Click on “Download” given at the right side of the screen in purple box
  3. Click on the download file in order to install the program

Yup…soon you will find the Windows 8 wallpaper changer installed. Now just select a website and click on a picture that you want to set as a desktop background, hit “Wallpaper” to wallpaper the selected picture. You are done, now close the software.

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In short, PictureThrill Windows 8 wallpaper changer is a nice tool to keep your Windows 8 HD screen fresh and live. Go ahead and download PictureThrill in Windows 8 now…!