FlipSaw Puzzle For Windows 8

FlipSaw is a brainstorming metro puzzle available at the Windows store in the new Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. This FlipSaw Puzzle for Windows 8 is totally based on sliding puzzle tiles. It complicates the app on 2 sided forms with numeric values and the picture forms.

FlipSaw is a superb puzzle game to be enjoyed. This Windows 8 tile game looks quite fascinating in the tile-like form in Windows 8 large Metro interface.

More about Puzzle For Windows 8:

he puzzle app has three difficulty level — easy, medium, and difficult. The very basic and common nine-tile puzzle is not that challenging or brainstorming, however the large boards are extremely tough. ¬†You can create puzzles out of the images you prefer, can be a wallpaper, a celeb image, or even can be one’s own. Well…you can easily import from the image gallery. Each time you move the tile it flips and shows a numeric value and the other side contains the picture from the art gallery.

FilpSaw 1
You will see the mixture of two concentration either the mixture of any two images or a numeric value with an image to work with it. As the tile flips to the correct position, the rest tile need to be flipped to the correct side.

Also, you will see a timer running at the top, but in a general selection nothing to worry, it is totally relaxed on the basis of completion. This puzzle games does not seem to be revolutionary as with well-known puzzle genre. At last, the only thing I would like to mention here is that it is a free game with too much of complications but looks fabulous among the metro tile apps.

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The FlipSaw Puzzle for Windows 8 hardly seems to be inspiring, but for the sake of overall experience, you can try it out. At least you can relax your mind while you are at work.