Restore Files In Windows 8

System Restore Explorer is a free tool to back up and restore files in Windows 8. This free tool to back files in Windows 8 allows you view and delete specific files from system restore point. It is an easy and handy tool to free up space on your hard drive with out clearing of the system restore points.

The best part about system restore explorer is that, it allows you copy individual files inside system restore point with out performing  a complete restore on your PC. You can remove or view system restore points directly from your PC. Once you have removed the restore point from system restore explorer, your PC can no longer be restored to that point in time.

System Restore Explorer

This tool tells you about the date and time for the restore point and it also includes a brief description about application, update or software installed. It shows total disk space used.

You also have the option to mount and unmount files in system restore explorer. Mount files allows you to view files in Windows explorer interface.

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Key Features Of Tool To Restore Files in Windows 8:

  • Easy and handy tool to use.
  • Mounted Files are browsed in Windows explorer interface.
  • Show the list available restore points to delete and mount.
  • Copies individual files with out performing full restore point.

System Restore Explorer 2

  • Unmounts the mounted files in windows explorer interface.
  • Once deleted restore point on system restore explorer can’t be never accessed again.
  • Allows to hide restore points created in last 5 days.

How to Install System Restore Explorer in Windows 8 PC:

  • Visit the homepage to download System restore explorer on your Windows 8 PC.
  • Click on download link.
  • An .exe file would be downloaded to your PC.
  • Execute the file to your Windows 8 PC.
  • Proceed with further instruction to complete the installation.

System Restore Explorer is an excellent program to track all your restore point on your Windows 8 PC. It allows you to copy individual files without performing the complete restore on your PC.