4 Best Software For Windows 8 Selected From Last Week’s Reviewed Ones

Here are 4 Best Software for Windows 8 selected from the last week’s reviewed ones. Yup…its a weekly featured post once again on Windows 8 software, the software which work absolutely fine in Windows 8 Operating System.

If you are a subscriber to our Windows 8 website, then you must have noticed that everyday we bring you good utility software or how to articles on Windows 8. However, by the end of each week, we scrutinize our posts and create a featured one for those software we find most suitable while working over the Windows 8 OS.

Let me summarize the name quickly —


Notepad++ is a source code editor, a tabbed editing Windows 8 software that enables you to work with multiple opened documents. In simple words, you can manage and work upon more than one Notepad document, simultaneously. It supports many languages, does Syntax Folding & Syntax Highlighting, and many other amazing features it has. Read more about Notepadd++ or simply give it trial here.

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is a simple file mover for Windows 8 that lets you easily drop or move files to a program or to Windows. This drag and drop tool for Windows 8 PC is a good utility tool to move files from one place to another. A pop-up will appear on the screen that is configured with Drop Zone to let you move and copy files to a desired location.

Stuff Organizer

This Windows 8 stuff organizer lets you organize  all the stuff stored in Windows 8 system such as files, music, videos, pictures, movies, e-books, and many more, in a systematic and an organized way. Read our post on Stuff Organizer or just give it trial here.

Quick Fixer

Ending my short post with Quick Fixer for Windows 8 that lets you fixes a total of 108 Windows 8 PC problems, right from fixing the basic errors, to opening task manager, to tweaks, to opening registry history, enable or disable common Windows 8 features, and many more, just everything. It’s a portable software for Windows 8. Read more about Quick Fixer or simply try it out here.