YouTube Movie Provider For Windows 8

YouTube Movie Provider for Windows 8 is a nice app placed under ‘Entertainment’ category of  Windows App Store. This Windows 8 YouTube movie provider app lets you watch videos from your favorite YouTube providers. The idea behind YouTube Movie Provider for Windows 8 is to provide an easy interface for watching your favorite YouTube videos instead of having to search for them all the time. The application pre-populate them and plays them instantly upon a click.

Here, you specify the your favorite YouTube Movie Provider beforehand and the applications fetches the list of videos accordingly. In other words, it’s convenient as well as customizable. This application suits best for the persons who have an idea about the stuff they want to watch.

Using YouTube Movie Provider For Windows 8:

For the very first time you will encounter a black screen with five text boxes. You will need to enter the name of your favorite YouTube movie provider at least in a single textbox. Make sure that the spelling is correct and exactly as it appears on YouTube.


While testing the this YouTube movie provider for Windows 8 app I was not able to find any button or other control to continue. What I did was to close the application and reopened it.

  • Next, you will be presented the following interface with list of videos. Youtube-movies-provider-for-win-8
  • Now, you can easily play the video by clicking on its thumbnail. The entries in your list will vary depending upon the provider selected by you and the number of number of videos being hosted by it. To modify you will require to click on ‘Change authors’ bottom placed on the top-right section of the app interface.       Youtube-movies-provider-for-windows-8
  • You can click on back arrow button to browse across the list for plating a different video.
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Features Of YouTube Movie Provider for Windows 8:

  • Populates thumbnail list containing videos uploaded by the providers specified by you.
  • Lets you access your favorite video instantly without having to search for them.
  • The list of YouTube providers can be altered as per your convenience.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app


YouTube Movie Provider for Windows 8 is definitely not a good option for men in explorer mode. It does not provides any option for searching videos over YouTube nor you can search within the list. The another disappointment was the very basic playback with no options to change video quality and with no option to forward.


You can easily install YouTube Movie Provider for Windows 8 by opening on this link in Internet Explorer 10 or later. Then visit the application overview page by clicking on ‘View in Windows Store’ button and install it from there.

YouTube Movie Provider For Windows 8 is a good application despite of few minor glitches. Here you don’t search, instead you watch what you desire to watch.