Ccleaner: Registry Cleaner For Windows 8

Ccleaner is a free registry cleaner for Windows 8. It evolved with time and now it includes features of a cookies cleaner, password cleaner, temporary files cleaner, and many more minor functionality.  If you have Windows 8 installed on your machine then, Ccleaner Registry Cleaner is a must to have.

Unlike many system management utilities that are quite high on resource utilization, Ccleaner operates on economy mode. Let me elaborate it with the help of features of this Windows 8 registry cleaner software.

Features Of Ccleaner Registry Cleaner For Windows 8:

I tested Ccleaner v3.25.1872 which is an improved version and comes with following enhancement.

  • Enhanced compatibility with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.
  • Loading speed is advanced internal module.
  • Includes Google Chrome Extension and improved security for Firefox plugins.
  • Added/improved cleaning for Adobe Dreamweaver, Anonymizer, Corel PaintShop Pro X5, ImgBurn, and Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Improved GUI and other minor bug fixes.
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How To Use Ccleaner In Windows 8:

  • Using Ccleaner is very simple. Upon its execution, you will be presented the following window in front of you.
  • There you will be presented with four vertical tabs ‘Cleaner’, ‘Registry’, ‘tools’ and ‘Options’. Each one of them has been discussed below. Have a look …
    • Cleaner: On select this tab you will be provided with the option for performing different sorts of cleaning. Here you can opt to remove temporary internet files, history, cookies, clipboard,  recent URLs, saved passwords, recent documents, data in recycled bin and other unnecessary/temporary data created/stored by various applications. The options under ‘Applications’ tab will vary as per the applications installed on your Windows 8 machine.
    • Registry: This tab is devoted to registry cleaning.  There, you can rectify issues related to unused file extensions, type libraries, fonts, missing shared DLLs and more. All you need is to select the appropriate check boxes and click on ‘scan for Issues’ button.     ccleaner-free-registry-cleaner
    • Tools: Under tools section, you are provided with option to uninstall unnecessary programs, Wipe disk, remove programs from windows start-up, and for deleting system restore points consuming disk space.Ccleaner-tools
    • Options: Under this tab you can adjust the different application specific settings. A bit of in housekeeping.


You can easily download the setup file for Ccleaner registry cleaner for Windows 8 from here.  The download size is approximately 4 mb in size and will not take much time to install.

* At the time of installation you can opt to Install only for yourself or make it available to every other user of on machine.

In short, Ccleaner is definitely a cool tool for freeing disk space and performing other type of tweaks. You must give it a try …