Write Words in Your Own Style: wordBrush Windows 8 App

wordBrush is a free Windows 8 app available under “Entertainment” category of its App Store. This Windows 8 wordBrush app lets you write words in your own style. Now, you don’t need to type words in a straight line. Just move the words as you want and make them look stylish by allowing them to flow freely on screen.

Just move your finger and the words will flow along with your fingers on your PC screen. This is just like painting with a paint brush. Just move the wordBrush on your PC screen and type the words in your desired style. Have a look on the screenshot below and get an idea what the app is all about.


Well, wordBrush is a simple Windows 8 app that lets you make straight line filled with words in your own custom style. The app brings you the ultimate beautiful designer backgrounds which you can set on the words typed. On top of it, you can even customize the word style by selecting from multiple designer tools, and different font brushes. Also, the wordBrush Windows 8 app makes your word style more beautiful by letting you select the font color and the background color. Now, this is called a perfect wordBrush app that makes your world of words beautiful and creative.

wordBrush tools

Huh, the world of beauty has not ended here. The app to write words in your own style includes even more features to make your word style even better. The most attracting feature I found in this Windows 8 wordBrush app is “importing custom background”. This means that the app lets you import custom background i.e., any image from your picture gallery on your Windows 8 PC. Just import your favorite image and type custom style words to make it look dashing and beautifully customized like I did and shared the it with my partner. Now, let’s go ahead and learn how to use this awesome wordBrush app for Windows 8.

wordBrush image import

How To Use wordBrush Windows 8 App:

Just launch the app and it will ask you to type the words or the line which you want to make stylish. Just type the words, and hit on “themes” button. It will take you to the purchase page where you need to buy themes. It is not mandatory to buy the paid themes. You can easily skip and enjoy the free app. Just click on back button and the app will take you to the page where you will find all the tools to change the style of the words. Right click on your PC screen and select the tools accordingly. Now, start flowing your finger on PC screen to let the app type words along with your finger. All the words will be repeatedly printed on your PC screen as you flow your finger. You can also make this possible with your PC mouse. Just drag the mouse icon here and there to make the words flow along with your mouse pointer.

I hope till now you might have got a rough picture of what the app is all about. Lets move further and bring you some of its features.

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Features Of wordBrush Windows 8 App:

  • Make your words flow in whichever style you want.
  • Import custom background images. The app also provides some other beautiful background which you can select and set.
  • Select brush color and background color.
  • Multiple designer tools and font brush available.
  • Select eraser of your choice.
  • Adjust your slowest and fastest font size.
  • Undo and redo feature available.
  • Save images to your picture gallery.
  • Provides drop shadow, outline, cutout, embossed effects on fonts.

One of the features that I was missing in this wordBrush Windows 8 app is sharing the image directly from the app. But, anyway, this is not a big deal. I don’t have much complaint about this wordBrush app as it includes all the possible and useful features which it should have.

Download wordBrush App:

To download and install wordBrush app, just search “wordBrush” in your Windows 8 App Store. Click on install button and it will automatically start downloading and installing the app on your Windows 8 PC. You can also click here to get the direct download link of the app.

At the end, I would just say that if you are looking for some unique entertainment app, then try this out. I like the fact that you can easily import custom background and insert words of your own style. I myself have shared a masterpiece with my partner. It was just awesome. So cool!