Windows 8 YouTube Audio App: Listen To YouTube Audio

YouTube Audio is a free Windows 8 app available under “Social” category of its App Store. This Windows 8 YouTube Audio app lets you listen to the audio of YouTube videos online. It easily allows you to stream the audio out of YouTube videos on your Windows 8 PC. Above all, the app makes it easy by providing smart search bar to search YouTube video and listen to its audio. Also, the app to listen to YouTube audio lets you browse content according to your uploads, channel, and video. Just select any medium of search and enjoy YouTube audio on your Windows 8.

YouTube Audio

Well, this Windows 8 YouTube Audio app is simple and easy to use as it provides limited options. One of the additional features which I liked about this app is saving the searches. You can easily select any media and save it as to  listen them one by one continuously. But, to save your searches, you need to have a Microsoft account. Just login with your Microsoft account and start saving your searches to listen them all together on your Window 8 PC.

This YouTube Audio app for Windows 8 is great for Podcasts, radio shows, listening to music online, playing your favorite music online in party along with saving your Internet bandwidth, and much more.

Remember: When you switch to another window, the playing audio will be automatically paused. When you switch back to the app window, the audio will be then automatically resumed.

Features Of Windows 8 YouTube Audio App:

  • Stream audio from YouTube.
  • Search any video by multiple mediums which include upload, channel, and video.
  • Add you searches and listen them all together.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Controls include play, pause, and stop.
  • Saves your mobile bandwidth.

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Download YouTube Audio App:

To download and install this YouTube Audio app, just login and search “YouTube Audio” app and click on install button. The app will be automatically downloaded and installed.

YouTube Audio is truly a great app to enjoy YouTube content along with saving your internet data. Also, if you are a music listener on YouTube, then this Windows 8 YouTube Audio app will be best. I like the fact that you can save your searches and play them all together in one go.