Windows 8 Toolbox App: Get Calculator, Unit Converter, Stopwatch

Metro Toolbox is a free Windows 8 smart toolbox app available under “Tools” category of its App Store. This Windows 8 toolbox app provides multiple tools all together in one place. You can easily switch from simple calculator to unit converter and then to stopwatch, and calendar. The app provides all the 4 tools in one single place. Just select the tool on which you want to work and you are done with it. The selected tool will appear at the left or right of your Windows 8 PC screen. You can easily work accordingly.

Metro Toolbox

Well, let’s have a look rough look on each tool of this Windows 8 toolbox app:


The toolbox Windows 8 app provides the basic calculator on which you can do basic plus, minus calculation. The calculator also allows you calculate square root, fraction, log, and much more. It does not include functions for scientific calculations. The additional feature which is included in this simple calculator tool is copy and paste function.

Unit Converter:

Unit converter of this Windows 8 app lets you convert multiple units in one go. I like unit converter of the app as it converter the unit entered in all available units. For e.g., if you have selected kilometer as your base unit, then the app easily converts the value entered in all available units. Now, this feature of the app is awesome.


The app provides both digital and analogue stop watch. Just click on start or play button and stopwatch will start counting from microsecond, seconds, minutes, and hours. Along with the digital clock, you can also find the analogue clock running at the top of the app.

Date And Time:

Date and time is another best part of this Windows 8 toolbox app. You can easily check time on digital and analogue clock. Also, the app displays the date on calendar as well as in the form of text with date, day, and month. The interesting and useful feature of this tool is that, you can easily calculate number of days between two different dates in one go. So cool!

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Download Metro Windows 8 Toolbox App:

To download and install this Metro Toolbox app on your Windows 8 PC, just search the app in the App Store, and click on install button. The app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows 8 PC.

Metro Toolbox app for Windows 8 is just awesome as it provides all the useful tools which you require in your daily life. I like the fact that the app has the ability to calculate number of days between two days. Also, I like the stopwatch of the app very much.