Woolyball: Free Windows 8 Board Game App

Woolyball is a free Windows 8 board game app which is a cool pass time game from the ‘Games’ section of Windows 8 Store. This Windows 8 game app is quite simple to play and a really great pass time.

You just have to install this game on Windows 8 desktop and you will enjoy it all day long. This is a board game in which you will find a number of wool balls twinkling and blinking. Your job is to line them up into group of at least 5 balls of same color. As it happens, you gain score. You can put these wool balls anywhere you want on the board and just group them up to achieve your score. Every time you move a ball, 3 new balls will be there on the board. So, isn’t it very simple?    image

There are two types of game modes i.e. ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Classic Mode’. Classic mode is quite simple to play without any twist and turns, you just have to place the balls in the right order to achieve maximum points at a time. Whereas, in Enhanced Mode, you will have a lot of fun playing that. There are other twists which you will find while plating it.

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This is the Enhanced Mode where you can see the twist and turns other than the balls. Like the bomb or that black hole type thing. There are lots of amazing things in this Windows 8 game.


This is the Classic Mode of this Windows 8 board game app, which is quite simple and smooth. There are just bombs and balls and no blockages or black holes. There are no rules and regulations for this game for Windows 8. Just simple fun.

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So, install this fun Windows 8 board game on your Windows 8 desktop and have fun…