Euro Cup: Free Windows 8 Soccer App

Euro Cup is a free Windows 8 soccer app for our soccer fans, lovers and players. This is an aesthetically pleasing Windows 8 app for those who are really into soccer just like me.

I myself is great soccer fan and you guys should also give this soccer app for Windows 8 a try. This is a kind of Windows 8 soccer app that is meant for those who really love soccer and have the craze of this game in their nerves.

This is a great soccer app for Windows 8 to connect to your friends who really pray for soccer and you can befriend those who are already using this Windows 8 soccer app. You can form your own soccer community and can use various other services with the help of this soccer app for Windows 8. Euro Cup app uses your Internet connection and can connect to your Facebook account.


This app will provide you with a lot more than you can think. It provide you  with different other apps for fun and also you can solve some quest. Just login with your Facebook account and then select your favorite team which you want to follow. You can also add your favorite photographs with the help of this Windows 8 app.

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This is the profile of the user of this app for Windows 8 with his/her favorite team followers and the photos attached to it if any. You can also get the related tweets about the upcoming Euro Cup and also about the previous matches and agendas. You can also play games with the help of this app at the same time.


This is a type of game you can play with the help of this Windows 8 game app. And just like this, you can play a lot more games on Euro Cup. You can also stay connected with your friends and can check out the followers of your favorite team with their personal ratings. You can achieve a lot of fun from this great soccer app.

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So, just get connected to Euro Cup Windows 8 soccer app on your Windows 8 PCs and have fun.