Soccer Coach’s Clipboard: Free Windows 8 Soccer App

Soccer Coach’s Clipboard is a free Windows 8 soccer app where you can simply plan your victory in the war of soccer. You can use it to strategize your moves in the game and can beat the opponent team by anticipating their moves in the game with the help of this clipboard.

It’s just same as a game board you can use while giving your team a boasting speech. But, it comes with a little advancement over the usual one. It comes with a whole new package of strategizing your moves and you can watch it playing like you are actually shooting in the field with your opponent. You can anticipate your opponent’s move and can draw you plan with the help of this Windows 8 app. You can select the court and can add the player names and their jersey numbers.


The starting page of the clipboard looks like the above. You can set the court, like it could be half-court or full-court. You can move the players to different positions and can use the pencil tool to draw directions on the clipboard.

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You can look at the board now with various directions on it and you can simply let the players move on this board. You just have to move the player you want and then click on the above ‘+’ button to add the move and do it repeatedly to move your player step-by-step. You can also delete the move by using the ‘-’ button form above. You can also use different colored pencils for your own convenience.


You can see the multicolored pen and can choose the type of style you can use for drawing on the clipboard like the dashed one or just as the usual solid ones. All in this soccer app for Windows 8.

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So, just install this Windows 8 soccer app on your Windows 8 desktop and strategize your moves in a soccer game.