Movies By Desimartini: Free Windows 8 Movies App

Movies By Desimartini is a free Windows 8 movies app with the help of which you can easily review your favorite upcoming movies and can also check out the latest movies on the roll.

Desimartini is quite a popular website for online movies, where you can get all sort of reviews for your favorite movies, both Hollywood and Bollywood. This Windows 8 app here, will directly take you to the world of movies where you can simply check the latest Bollywood and Hollywood buzz. You can get the reviews for your favorite movies and also for the upcoming movies which you will be going to watch at your nearest movie theatres. You can get the bio of the movies here with all sort of other info.


You can see the interface of the which will lead you to a world of movies and featured cinemas. You can check all the latest movies and reviews. You can check Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies here.

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You just have to click on any of the given categories and just view the movie here. You can easily find out the reviews by following the given legends. The legends available are ‘Go For It’ which means you should watch this movie, ‘Its Ok’ means just give it a try maybe you will like it and ‘Skip it’ means you should probably don’t have to watch.


Just click on any of the given movies and you can find everything you want to know about it. You can get the current ratings, reviews, percentage of people who are willing to watch this movie and also the synopsis of the move. Everything is available here only on

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Install this amazing Windows 8 movies app on your Windows 8 desktop and get the latest buzz about your favorite movies.