DailyFive: Free Windows 8 Gadgets App

DailyFive is a free Windows 8 Gadgets App with the help of which you can simply read short articles on the latest technologies and inventions in the field of science and technology. You can browse through hundreds of articles and can read whatever you want.

In addition, you can also get to know about the latest gadgets and gizmos with a little tweak of interesting facts and figures. You can also read the latest reviews on various gadgets and electronic devices. For our gaming freaks, you can get to know about all the latest games and consoles. Just switch on to this Windows 8 app and you can browse through a lot more than anything else you can. Just have that avid interest in yourself to search for new gadgets and gizmos and get to know about latest technologies.


This is how the interface looks like. Well, must say, it’s quite catchy and simple. You can check out various categories like Daily five, Reviews, News, and Kick Star. These are some of the typo from this Windows 8 gadgets app with the help of which you can simply check out the latest articles you want to.

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Here are the type of articles you can read about and you can just read about it in detail. Browse through the gadgets app for Windows 8 and find out the latest reviews about latest gizmos like the Apple iPhone 5 going to be launched soon. And, you can also get to know about the latest technology too.


There is also a catch in this Windows 8 gadgets app called the Daily Five column which will give you some interesting information about some quite impressive topics like 5 retro gizmos and just like this, 5 most-read web comics. You can get these type of amazing information with the help of this app for Windows 8.

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So, if you want to have these kind of amazing facts and figures, then just install this interesting Windows 8 gadgets app on your Windows 8 desktop.