Reversi Twist: Free Windows 8 Game App

Reversi Twist is a free Windows 8 game app which will let you to have a checkers like experience but with a tiny bit of twists and turns.

You can play with this amazing strategic family game with your friends and if you are alone, then you can also have a fun time playing with the computer solo. You can play solo with computer AI levels to give your brain some good teasers with increasing difficulty. You have to strategies your each and every move while playing with the computer AI because computer AI is not an easy player to beat down in these kind of strategic games. You can never get bore by playing this cool game which is simple to play but you always need a strategy. You can have various level with different grids consisting different matrices to play with.


This is how the game looks like with no mumbo jumbo. this game have a nice, sophisticated and simple interface where there are some button like objects which will act as your pawns. You have to end with maximum number of your pawns on the matrix. Just choose another second player or you can choose the computer AI and start playing.

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You can look that there are two types of matrices this game app for Windows 8 provides you which consist of a 8×8 and a 10×10 matrix where you just have to click on the dot and it will turn the opponent’s pawn into your own pawn with the adjacent pawns attached to your pawn.

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So basically, this Windows 8 game is quite easy to play but you have to play with a true strategy or you can win only by sheer luck.