Dodo Gogo: Free Windows 8 Game App To Play With Prehistoric Creatures

Dodo Gogo is a free Windows 8 game app which is from the ‘Games’ section. It is an easy to understand and easy to play game. You must have heard about the prehistoric creatures name Dodo. Well, there is nothing to learn about these prehistoric creatures.

The concern over here is to play with them. It’s quite a fun game like Doodle Jump that you might have played on your iPhones. Now, Windows 8 bring you this opportunity to play Dodo Gogo on your own desktop. Just install this game on Windows 8 desktop and fasten your seatbelts to jump in the ancient times.


Just hit the play button and you are ready to play this amazing pass time Windows 8 game app on your desktop. The game app for Windows 8 play is quite simple and easy to handle. You just have to use your direction buttons to move your dodo left and right and use the up arrow key to take a high jump as long as you want.

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You can check the height you attain every time you jump. reach at the top of the tree and attain the highest score. Obtain the highest scores on the charts. Beware, some of the platforms are not firm, they are as strong as a one time jump.


You can also get cool upgrades on the middle of the game which will let you to jump high and get the maximum position. You can get wings to fly higher or can get the feather like quality which will help you to float in air. And, lots of other amazing upgrades.

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Start installing this Windows 8 game app and have fun…