Free Windows 8 Words Game App: Doodle Hangman Free

Doodle Hangman Free is a free Windows 8 words game app; available in games category of Windows Store. This is an animated Hangman game which has 2 player mode also. You can input your words in the dictionary and play with your friend. There are various categories of words for you to choose; to play the game. Increase your vocabulary playing this game on your Windows 8. This game app is just 10 MB download size and once installed it does not require any internet connection.

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Doodle Hangman Free Windows 8 Words Game:

Doodle hangman free is a good game to improve and test your knowledge on words. This game helps in improving your vocabulary. In this game, you are given a word to guess; represented in form of blanks. You have to start guessing letters and eventually you have to complete the word; before the number of chances are over. In this Windows 8 words game app, you can play against computer or your friend. Let’s see how to play the Hangman game on Windows 8.

Launch the app and then click on start game. Then choose 1 player or 2 player:

  • 1 Player: In one player, you can choose from categories like: Christmas & Winter, Animals, Clothes, Fruits & Veggies, Countries, Elements, Kings & Pirates, Foods, Human Body, Plants & Trees, Random, and Sports. Then the computer will generate a word from the category that you have chosen. You have to guess the letters before the number of chances are over. After the game is over, you can look at five references from the website to look at it’s meaning.
  • 2 Player: In two player mode, your friend and you will take chances to give a word to the other player and they have to guess the word before the number of chances are over.

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Features of Doodle Hangman Free:

The features of Doodle Hangman are:

  • This Windows 8 words game is free.
  • This game has eleven word categories and generates a random word; without repetition.
  • Play this game in both single and double player mode.
  • Two player mode allows you to enter words and challenge your friend.
  • Every word has a new scene to keep you entertained.
  • This game allows you to increase your vocabulary.
  • This app has an auto save option; for you to continue.
  • Play this game in snap mode also.

hangman doodle free

How To Get Doodle Hangman App On Windows 8:

Click here (open in Internet Explorer of Windows 8) to open the Doodle Hangman app Webpage. Then view the app in Windows Store and install it from there.

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