Windows 8 Maps App: ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a free Windows 8 maps app. You can view various kinds of maps like: commercial, environmental, historical, and much more.

ArcGIS provides maps with more information and details. It uses live streaming to update maps and it can detect your location also. You can also measure distances, navigate, save maps, and find longitudes, latitudes of places using this Windows 8 maps app. The download size of the app is just 3MB and  it needs an internet connection to load maps.


ArcGIS Windows 8 Maps App:

ArcGIS is a GIS (Geographic Information System); which works on mapping systems and geographic information. Now ArcGIS has developed an app for Windows 8 for free. You can use the mapping and geographic system on your Windows 8 device itself. Let’s look at how to use this Windows 8 Maps app.

ArcGIS homepage looks as shown in above screenshot. There are various sections like: recent, world maps, scientific maps, historical maps, political maps, and regional maps.

  • Recent: In recent section you can view the maps that are added recently or those which belong to the recent incidents like hurricane maps, current US weather, etc.
  • World Maps: In world maps you can view world maps, oceanic maps, etc.
  • Scientific maps: In scientific maps you can view solar plant maps, commercial place maps, etc. All these maps show markings of places related to science and development.
  • Historical maps: In historical maps, you can view the maps that are designed long back. You can view the digital form of all those historical maps and places.
  • Political Maps: In political maps you can view the maps related to political sessions and elections.
  • Regional Maps: In regional maps you can view population maps, airline traffic maps, etc.

arcgis windows 8

When you open a certain map that interest’s you, then you can view the ratings, description, and thumbnail of the map. Click on the thumbnail of the map, to view the map in full screen. Then you can zoom in or out using your mouse scroll. If you want to use extra options like: save, bookmark, my location, measure distances, and extend map. You can also adjust the opacity to view original map and compare with your selected map.

Features of ArcGIS:

Here are the features of ArcGIS:

  • ArcGIS is free app.
  • You can view, learn, and search maps.
  • You can navigate a map and measure areas, distances, bookmark places, etc.
  • You can adjust the opacity and view base maps.
  • You pin maps to start screen of Windows 8.
  • You can use the maps in Snap mode also.

arcgis snap mode

Installing ArcGIS on Windows 8:

To install ArcGIS, open this webpage link in Internet Explore of Windows 8. View the app in Windows Store, download, and install it.

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