Improve Vocab With This Windows 8 Words Formation Game: Just Words

Just Words is a Windows 8 Words Formation Game. In this game you have to form more and more words by arranging the letters that appear during the game. This way, you can enjoy playing a game and can also work towards improving your Vocabulary . The best thing about the game is that there’s no timer, so you don’t have to worry about any time limit. The game has quite easy controls.

One of the most catchy thing about the game is that it has support for a good number of languages, that is , you can choose from a number of languages to form words. Just Words is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Just Words

Playing this Windows 8 Words Formation Game

Playing the game is quite easy. You just have to form words. The game’s interface will engage you even more into the game. Right as you get to the game after launching it, you would be shown the main options that are available to you in the game.

Just Words- Main menu

Game Play

The game play is quite simple. Form words from up to down or vice versa, or,  from right to left or vice versa. The words must have at least four letters included in them, in order to score. More the letters present in the word, more the score you make. You will be given scores for every word you form, and whenever the score reaches a certain point you reach a new level. A diamond is given when you get to a new level. Diamond is also given for every 100 points.

As you enter the game, you would be shown the grid of letters on the left side . Whatever words you form will be shown in the list on the right side of the page . Your score will be shown on the upper right side of the game’s interface.


The controls of the game are quite easy. You firstly have to click the letter to choose it, and then have to click on the empty place where you want to put it. One more thing, there is no certain pattern to take the letter, you can place it randomly at any position.

Choose language of your choice

You also get the independence to choose from any of the 9 available languages. English, Italian, French, Spanish, German are some of the most popular. By choosing a language, you can form words for that language.

Use Diamonds

You can use the diamonds that you have earned, to get any letter that you may need to form the word, which is not currently available in the grid. For that, click the three dots that are present on the lower right side in the corner, and choose the letter you want, by using the option available for it.

You can also begin a new game from here, and can also remove a random letter from the grid to make the game more interesting.

Just Words - New Game

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My Verdict

As far as my experience with the game goes, this is quite an interesting Windows 8 Words Formation Game, with easy controls. Give it a try for sure!

Get Just Words here.