Get Amazing Craft Ideas Using This Windows 8 Craft App: CraftSmart

CraftSmart is a free Windows 8 Craft app that offers video tutorials on thousands of craft ideas. Using this free Windows 8 Craft app, you get to learn various types of crafts such as Paper craft, Recycled material craft, Crochet craft, Sewing ideas, Home Decoratives, Fruit carving, and much more.

The app has something for everybody – kids, teens, adults, and women. Apart from craft ideas, there are a number of useful videos on recipes, health, travel, etc., under various other categories. You can add videos to your Favourites and also search for them in the app.

CraftSmart - Playing a video with Playlist option

CraftSmart is freely available in Entertainment category of Windows Store. You can view the app directly in Windows Store by clicking on the link given at the end.

Let’s see how this free Windows 8 Craft app works.

Get thousands of exciting craft ideas and much more using this free Windows 8 Craft app:

To get interesting craft ideas and useful information on many other things, first install this app on your Windows 8 PC. To access various videos, you will need an active internet connection.  As you launch the app, the Home screen of the app will display various craft categories with beautiful picture tiles; each category containing many video tutorials.

CraftSmart - Home screen

Click on a category to open it. The second screen will again display various video tutorials as picture tiles. Click on any tile to play the related video. On the video screen, you will see options to add this video to your Favourites and enable Playlist mode. In Playlist mode, you will the list of all related videos below the video screen.

To access videos available in other categories, use the category dropdown placed on top right side of the Home screen.

CraftSmart - Categories

Home menu drop down located on the top right corner of the screen will let you access various functional options of the app.

CraftSmart - Options

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Craft App

  • Free Windows 8 Craft app
  • Offers thousands of video tutorials on different types of craft
  • Additional useful videos available in other categories
  • Option to add videos to Favourites
  • Pleasing UI

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My Verdict

CraftSmart is a nice app offering thousands of videos on different types of crafts. A number of videos on other topics are also available that might grab your interest. Try the app and share your feedback via comments.

Get CraftSmart here!