Windows 8 Sports App To Get The Latest Football News: THE Football App

THE Football App, is a free Windows 8 sports app that brings all up to the minute news and information from the football world. You not only get the latest news but can also view game reports, players information, leaderboard standings, the play by play quick match recap under live ticker option, match stats, tactical line up of players, squad information, players pictures, and lot more!

The app advertises that it covers more than 100 international football leagues, including the major European football leagues that is Premier League, FA Cup, La Liga, Champions League, The Championship, and even the World Cup Qualifiers, etc. This Windows 8 sports app is a great app for football fans and is good medium to follow your favorite team and players.

THE Football App - main screen

Get Live News, Follow your favorite Football Team and Players using this Windows 8 Sports app:

THE Football App, sure is a good medium to get all the latest news, pictures, and videos from the football world. The amount of information that you’ll get an access to is quite good. Like I said above, the app covers almost every popular football league. So, you can use the leagues to filter the news. The app has some pre-built leagues contained, these includes: Premiere League, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Qualif. 2014-Asia, Primera Division, Qualif. 2014-Europe, Bundesliga, Qualif. 2014-South America, and Serie A. Simply click on any of these, and you’ll get all the news from only that league. A good thing about this Windows 8 sports app is, in case if your favorite league is not in the aforementioned leagues, then there’s an option called Add Leagues, using which you can add leagues, and get the news from that league.

THE Football App - league news (Premeire League)

The news and information that you get are in the form of textual articles and videos. The news covers every single news related to a match, players, sporting events, interviews, player movements between teams, and more. You can find everything you want to know about Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Celtic FC, Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Bayern Munich, Schalke, etc. But a big feature the app is missing is the Search option. Since, there’s no search option, so you have to go to a league first, and then browse for your favorite team under the Teams label. Simply click on a team, and you’ll get all the current season news, that includes players and their positions, Stats in terms of Attack, Defense, Passing, Discipline etc. Plus this screen also shows the matches results and the upcoming matches of the team against other team  from the league and the match schedule.

THE Football App - team (Arsenal)

Simply click on any of the played match, and you can get a quick recap of that match in the next screen. This screen shows match highlights like, when was a goal made and by which player, when a player got yellow or red card, recap of the match in short sentences under the Live Ticker label, both team’s players line up, league facts, and the match stats.

THE Football App - match recap

In order to quickly jump back to Home Screen or any other league, simply right click on the screen and you’ll get flyouts at the top and bottom. The top flyout consists all the leagues, and three toggle buttons to jump to Home Screen, News, and Videos. These flyouts does adds more to the ease of usability of the app.

Key Features of this Windows 8 Sports app:

  • Available for free.
  • Good Windows 8 sports app.
  • Brings latest news from the football world.
  • Option to follow a league, team, and players.
  • View team standings in leaderboard.
  • Covers more than 100 leagues.
  • Live stats of match.
  • Live tile in Start screen.

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Final Note:

THE Football App, is a good Window 8 sports app. It has a good design and looks quite good. Also navigating between screens is smooth and easy. Although, it did crashed once or twice, but rest of time worked quite fine. The Share Charm integration doesn’t do much, because when you share any information from the app, the app always sends a message to download itself. Also it seriously needs a Search option as well. But as, per the news point of view, the app works good, and does fulfills its purpose. Download this Windows 8 sports app from Sports Category in Windows Store, or click here.