Windows 8 Shooting Game App Free: Tanks Game

Tanks Game, is a free Windows 8 shooting game app. The game is based on the classic arcade video game by the name Tanks. There are already multiple versions of the game available for different devices; this is the version for Windows 8 devices.

You, as the hero will be controlling a tank and firing firearms. The game’s objective is to destroy all the enemy tanks and then get the crucial data disk. At the same time you also have to protect your base, because the enemies will also try to destroy your tank and the base. The game allows two players to team up and fight against multiple enemy tanks.


Gameplay of this Windows 8 Shooting Game app:

This Windows 8 shooting game app tries to bring back the classic tanks game back to your Windows 8 devices. And to give the old classic look the game is made with 2D graphics. The game is played from the top camera view. Your base is at the bottom part of the playing area and the enemies attack from the top part of the playing area.

To make the game interesting with a good difficulty level, the game consists of three types of enemies. Each has its special ability, speed, and strength. For instance, the Predators are the normal ones, they take two hits to get destroyed, but their speed is not that fast, where as the Sprinters, are not too strong and can resist only one shot, but they are faster than you and also furious. So, you have to adjust your fighting skills accordingly.

Tanks - main screen

One good thing about this Windows 8 shooting game app is, it’s completely free. There are total of 60 levels in the game, and the app advertises that the game continues till infinity! That is after completing all the levels the game still continues, and the enemy tanks become more aggressive and faster, until you can’t defeat them.

The game controls are pretty easy; you have to use the keyboard arrow keys to move the tank and space bar to fire. And if you are teaming up with a friend then the other player can use the W, A, S, D keys to move the tank and Enter key to fire. The game is more fun while playing with a friend. You can make strategies and divide the area among yourselves to fight against the enemy tanks.

Tanks - levels

It is compulsory to complete the current level to advance to next higher level. In each game/level the player gets 3 lives. And if your tank gets hit even once, your life gets reduced by one point. And if you loose all your lives; the game ends. But, in order to help you, the game also provides different powers, randomly at different places in the playing area. You have to go-grab them. The powers includes the ones which adds one point to the lives, and some gives  shields, bombs, base protection, time warp, etc.

Tanks - gameplay

The game is good in terms of gameplay, but not as good as the classic. The biggest drawback of this game app, is it’s speed. The game is quite slow. Specially when you are firing at an enemy far from you. So, the game is more fun when it’s a close fight, because it’s only in the close fight, where you can fire quickly.

Key Features of this Windows 8 Shooting Game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 shooting game app.
  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Supports single player as well as two player gameplay.
  • Good gameplay.
  • Works in offline mode.
  • 3 different types of enemies.
  • Power-ups to collect.

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Final Note:

Tanks Game, is a good Windows 8 game app. It’s fun, simple, and is functional. Also, it’ll remind you of the classic arcade game: Tanks. But, the speed of the game needs to be improved. Otherwise the game is good. The graphics are quite well done, so is the music, and difficulty. Download this Windows 8 shooting game app form the Games Category in Windows Store, or click here.