Windows 8 Racing Car Simulator App: Real Racing Car Simulator

Real Racing Car Simulator is a free racing car simulator app for Windows 8 and 8.1. The app brings something different to the table. Instead of being a traditional car racing game, the game allows you to actually see what would happen if you drive a racing car on a road. The game obeys the laws of physics that might come into play when you drive a car on a road and shows you how the car can skid, crash etc. at high speeds. The controls of the app are similar to a game. To accelerate a car, simply press the up arrow, down arrow to decelerate and right and left arrows to steer. However, instead of being a car game, this is actually a simulator app so obviously, there is no racing involved.

Real Racing Car Simulator is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Real Racing Car Simulator for Windows 8 and 8.1:

Here is the first screen which you see upon launching the game.

Real Racing Car Simulator Main Screen

Simply press the spacebar, and you will be taken to the gameplay interface. There is no controls screen or help section in the game, and so for your convenience, I’m listing the controls below.


  • Up Arrow: Accelerate
  • Down Arrow: Decelerate/Brake
  • Right Arrow: Steer/Turn right.
  • Left Arrow: Steer/Turn left.
  • C: Change Camera Angle.

Once inside the gameplay screen, you will see a screen like the below screenshot.

Real Racing Car Simulator gameplay

You can control the car with the above listed controls. You can change the camera angles via the C button. You can see a different camera angle in the screenshot below.

Real Racing Car Simulator changed camera angle

You can also choose to change your car via the change car button at the top right, or you can click on the circular arrow button to get a new car once your previous car has crashed. A lot of cars are available in the game. You can see one of them in the screenshot below.

Real Racing Car Simulator car changed

To cut the long story short, the game/app is centered towards promoting safe driving rather than providing for a racing experience. You can see what happens when you accelerate too fast and crash into something to experience the full wrath of the laws of Physics. Providing racing cars in the game as the selectable cars makes it fun for the end user as well, as on a free stretch of road, you would love to accelerate and go at top speed!

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I really like the concept of this game app. Promoting safe driving via means of a simulator app is definitely a great concept and makes for a worthy notable app. The app is pretty lightweight, weighing in at below 40 Mb, and the graphics are pretty good. I would definitely recommend it!

Get Real Racing Car Simulator.