Online Windows 8 Checkers Game: Checkers LIVE

Checkers LIVE is a free checkers game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to play the classic checkers game with real players online. The game has a training room too wherein if you don’t know how to play checkers, you can learn the same. Once you have the grasp of it, you can then proceed to the live game mode where you will be able to compete with players online looking for a match. You will be matched up randomly with any player online, and you can also choose to be matched up with your Facebook friends if you choose to log into the app via your Facebook account in the app’s main screen.

Checkers LIVE is available for free from the Windows App Store.

A little more about Checkers LIVE for Windows 8 and 8.1:

The game can be easily installed from the Windows App Store. Just follow the link at the bottom of this article, and your Windows Store should open up. Click on the install button in the app’s page, and once installed, you can launch the game from your Apps screen. Upon launching it, you will be presented with the game’s main menu itself.

Checkers Live main menu

The Main Menu: The main menu of the game allows you to access the training room, play with real opponents (Play LIVE button), see your or the ranking of your friends via the Ranking button and check out more games by the developer. You can also choose to link your Facebook account to the app via the Facebook logo at the top right of the screen.

The Training Room: You can access the training room of the app by clicking on the Training Room button in the main menu. This is recommended for first timers who are new to checkers.

Checkers Live training room

You can click on any of your pieces and drag them to the boxes colored in green. The pieces only move diagonally and the green boxes which appear when you click on the pieces show you the allowed moves. The aim is to jump over the opponent’s pieces so as to remove them from the board. Returning to the previous screen is as easy as clicking on the back arrow button at the top left of the screen.

Live Games with real opponents online: In the main screen if you click on the Play LIVE button, you will be taken to the online game lobby where you will be matched up with a random online player. You can also log in with your Facebook account and choose to challenge your friend(s) who play this game. Once matched, your gameplay screen will be presented to you in the following manner.

Checkers Live online gameplay

You can go back to the lobby by clicking on the back arrow button and your game will still remain active. You get roughly 50 minutes to play your move before the move is passed to the opponent and you lose points. In these 50 minutes, you can choose to take a quick break and visit the game lobby which is as shown below.

Checkers Live online game lobby

This pretty much concludes the main features of Checkers LIVE.

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The verdict:

Checkers LIVE is a pretty decent checkers game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to play checkers with real players online. If you are a fan of checkers, you are going to love this game!

Get Checkers LIVE.