Windows 8 Race Game Free: Race Against Time In Offroad Racing

Offroad Racing is a free Windows 8 Race game, in which you have to race against time and reach the destination. You can choose from a wide range of levels and race endlessly. Plus, you can choose from three different tracks viz. Hills, Arctic, and Mars, and 6 different cars to race. Play and achieve more to unlock more levels and cars in this Windows 8 Race Game.

Apart from racing, you can modify your cars in the garage. Collect coins all along the way while racing. You can earn more coins by doing stunts. You even can share your score with others over the Internet by using Windows 8 Share charm. You don’t require an active internet connection to race here. This fun filled racing game is freely available in the Games category of Windows Store.

Offroad Racing

Let’s have a look on the game play of this Windows 8 Race game.

Play this Windows 8 Race Game

As you choose the Play option of this Windows 8 Race Game, you would be taken to the window from where you can choose the level to race. Now, here the levels are divided  into three categories viz. Hills, Arctic, and Space.

Offroad Racing- Choose the level

Here, for each level, the number of coins that would be required to unlock them would be shown.

As you choose the level where you want to play, a garage will appear, showing you the accessories which you can use to add capabilities to your car. Things like Engine, Suspension, tires, and others are available on this screen of this Windows 8 Race Game.

Offroad Racing- Garage

Also, you can choose the car to race from here. By default, only a pickup truck is unlocked here. You have to score more, in order to unlock the other cars.

Now, as soon as you choose your car in this Windows 8 Race Game, the race will begin.

Offroad Racing- Race arena

While you race, your distance from the end point , the time you are taking, and also the number of coins you collect along the way will be displayed.

Use your right and left arrow keys in order to race in this Windows 8 Race Game. You also have to be aware that you don’t crash. On crashing, your score for that level would be lost and you have to restart the game. As you reach the end point of any level of this free Windows 8 Race Game, new levels would be unlocked .

Offroad Racing- New level

All your achievements, plus the stunts that you have done in this level of this Windows 8 Race Game will be shown here.

Now, along with all this , this Windows 8 Race Game even give you the capability to share your score with others.

Offroad Racing- Share your Score

Use this feature to show off your scores to your friends.

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Key Features of Offroad Racing

  • Easy game play: The controls of this Windows 8 Race Game are quite easy.
  • Nice Interface: The Interface is quite nice. The game uses good quality graphics.
  • Availability of 3 kinds of Tracks to race: You can choose to race in Hills, Arctic, or Space.
  • Availability of  large number of levels to play: choose from around 15 different levels.
  • Choose from 6 different car types to race.
  • Modify your cars to score better.
  • Share your Score with others using Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Free availability: This Windows 8 Race Game is freely available in Windows Store.

My Verdict On Offroad Racing

I played the game myself and am quite impressed with it. Availability of a large number of levels make it even more addicting. That’s why, I would recommend playing it.

Get Offroad Racing here.