Windows 8 Action Game App Free: Aviator Arcade

Aviator Arcade, is a free Windows 8 action game app. This lightweight Windows 8 game app is more like the popular arcade game called Space invaders. The game’s backdrop is somewhere at the time of first world war. You are dropped directly in an air combat zone into a dog-fight. And your job is to secure the area, and destroy enemies planes and the bosses in each wave (round). The game is played in waves. And at the end of each wave you’ve to fight the boss. Defeat the boss to advance to next higher wave.

There will be times when you’ll get surrounded by enemies and their fire power, from all side. And to fight in such kind of situation, the game helps you by giving different powers, which you can grab during your flight. Clear each wave, survive the longest, and get to the highest score.

Aviator Arcade - gameplay

Gameplay of this Windows 8 Action Game App:

Playing Aviator Arcade in your Windows 8 device is sure fun. It’s the gameplay of this Windows 8 action game app, that makes this game app fun and interesting. Unlike most of the similar games, this Windows 8 action game app, is a bit different; here the enemies will attack you from all possible directions. They can come from the front, head-on! or from left, right, back, top, bottom, and even from the corners. And all of them have different routes. The worst part is, all of them try their best to hit you down, with all their fire powers. You have to make the best use of your powers to defeat these enemies and the bosses.

The game has a good level of difficulty, and the difficulty increases as the game advances. For Each single flight, you’ll get three lives and a life meter. The life meter shows the how much damaged your plane is; lower the life meter, the more damaged your plane is. If the life meter gets emptied, your life gets deducted by one point and the current power that you have, also gets lost. You have to grab the powers again to use them.

The powers are pretty cool. They basically give you different types of gun. Some of them are awesome. My favorite is the one which fires in all direction at one single time. Few good things that every good game app must have, are the smooth functioning of the game; without any lags and good controls. And, this Windows 8 action game app has all that. The animations are good. The controls have good sync with keys. The controls are pretty easy. Use the up, down, left, right arrow keys to move your plane, and you don’t have to fire, because the plane fires automatically.

Aviator Arcade - fighting with boss

It’s not compulsory to grab each power. Depending on your choice, you can leave a power. But there are some that can help you destroy enemies planes quickly and survive longer. Such as the one with medal icon, this fills your used up life meter back to full. I prefer garbing these ones. The game continues in the form of waves, and in each wave the enemies attack you. And at the end you’ll face the boss. It’s a bit difficult to kill the boss, because they don’t  just die! But at the they do. So, don’t lose hope and keep firing on them. The more waves you clear, the higher level you’ll reach, and the more scores you’ll get.

Aviator Arcade - game results

The game is not complicated at all, as there’s no sudden twist and turns or rules. The game is flat simple, and that is to destroy all! The graphics are in 2D and are okay. Though I wished the game would have supported full screen gameplay. Because the game is played in a narrow canvas and not in full screen. Still it’s fun, and you’ll be playing against yourself to beat your own highest record.

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Key Features of this Windows 8 Action Game App:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 action game app.
  • Simple and easy controls.
  • Great gameplay.
  • Multiple waves.
  • Awesome powers that can really enhance your artillery.
  • Works in offline mode.
  • Lightweight and runs smoothly.

Final Note:

Aviator Arcade, certainly is a good Windows 8 action game app. It has a good gameplay, and keeps you keyed in the game. Though, it seriously needs a quit button or a button to go back to Home Screen. Otherwise the game is absolutely good. It has got pace, good difficulty, control and gameplay. Download this Windows 8 action game app from Games Category in Windows Store, or click here.

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